Monday, July 11, 2005

a friend's bad evening...

I'm against guns in the home.  It's early in the AM. I was dreamily aware of these sirens outside of
the house...thinking, man they are annoying...but i can sleep through it..until dawn comes in with a
screaming baby saying, "please check that noise outside next to the baby's room" i get up to
realize the noise is our house.  The security alarm.  Which I thought I had disabled 4 years ago.  It
turns out the power in the house had been out for  hours and the battery backup was running low to
the alarm, so it, the alarm, was trying to tell us...and the whole neighborhood...that it was running
out of juice.  NOT RUNNING OUT OF POWER FAST ENOUGH for my liking.  So here I am fumbling for the
manual in the dark (no power remember).  Just where would i have put it. and what would be my code to
shut it off?  I check the breaker, it is tripped. Reset it. no use.  I'm barefoot...stub my toe. 
Baby is screaming, cordless phone beeping, UPS beeping, smoke alarms chirping, keypad low power
warning beeping, backup clocks flashing.... Dawn wants me to check for possible fire, smoke, water
damage, or intruder.... i want the noise to stop.  I look around for anything that will stop that
alarm, I found a wire cutter and get this devilish grin on my face as I head to the attic...  did I
tell you I was against guns in the home?
things are better now. power is restored. baby is asleep, all chirping, beeping, sirens are stopped
and I can play freecell again...


This picture demonstrates what 'cute' means. And all the Sisson history is available in pictures from there...

Friday, July 08, 2005

praise the lard

some studly dude with testosterone oozing from every pore

a quaint chicago firehouse. that chicago fire of 18whatever is still a big deal in the minds of the people. there's plaques about it everywhere

bzy street

that gothic catwalk is at least 10 stories up in the air

random street people

the river from michigan ave

i like takin pictures of random people on the street, this guy is a bum. they have far more bums in austin than chicago

what's he see up there?

tough guys?

at least the one on the rite

tuff guys?

he loox like a tough guy

don'tcha think?

he watched the 'u mite b a redneck if..' show

july 4th, god bless 'merika. c the flag?

i think his shirt has all the old famous actors playin poker or something

always traffic


girls nite out

oh he is definitely checkin that stuff out

serve it up guido

she doesn't like me at all

petunia people

famous old art stuff. reminds me of escher but its much older

500 yr old classic from the museum

random train ddes

trains can be lonely

hottie alert

some gorgeous hunk we and across on the train...

we heard alot of ambulances last weekend

can you find the peacock



random people in a busy city

damn city drivers...

...and amanda complains about my driving. look what she did!!!

downtown chicago from the planetarium. that building in the middle looks like half of the WTC to me. our hotel was the 3rd big building from the right i think

milleneum park, with sprinklers stage and overhanging speakers. i love the look.

milleneum park. and my lovely wife. i assume the big silvery things above the stage improve the sound in some way.

this is the new milleneum park in chicago. it's for big concerts. notice the speakers hanging from the tubular things. off the the right is the stage. it's huge. the sound should be outstanding

Friday, July 01, 2005

me and the boys at work