Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Friday, June 12, 2009

rhetorical devices: Do you know what a synecdoche is and how it's different from a simile?

Monday, June 08, 2009

recently i wrote this to my buds at who i met in prison while visiting

Dear Class XI,

I've visited prison twice and I talk about P.E.P. to everyone I know.
In speeches. In writing. In conversations. You men changed me.

People ask me, "Why do you help prisoners?"

I tell them, "I am healed and uplifted by these men.
They embarrass me with how far they reach from where they are starting.
I learn - I push myself through their example. I am never soft with these men.
I ask them the hardest questions I can think of. And they have stunningly thoughtful answers."

I am asked, "What are they like?"

I answer, "These men are more positive than anyone I know, their business plans are
better than any I've ever seen or written, and I would feel confident recommending them for any position
they were qualified for. They are rare proof that leopards can change their spots."

I am so enriched on so many levels by you men that words on paper fail me.
But people see it in my eyes - hear it in my voice. I choke up.

And it is self-evident to everyone that meets you that you men are good and capable and immensely impressive,
and everyone who meets you tells you this, but you have a very hard time believing that we mean what we say.

Guys - we all really do mean it.

Curt Finch
CEO of Journyx
Austin, TX
Executive Volunteer