Thursday, June 22, 2006

momo the poodle

a u2ube posting

Visual Representation Of How The Alphabet Evolved

Watch the evolution of the alphabet step by step. Interesting to see that evolution rules such as survival of the fit applies here as well. Complicated characters didn't make it while simple ones remained and divided into new characters.

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old guy towing his birdcage around in a wagon in savannah. i luv savannah

medievil times in myrtle. kids luved it

brunch at the biltmore. it doesn't suck

the biltmore - a vanderbilt castle we stopped at on our way to myrtle

logan in asheville. acne's all gone!

amanda at the biltmore, her castle awaits

cielle at the biltmore in asheville

peabody lobby in memphis where the ducks swim

bike nite on beal

it's bike nite in memphis

beal street in memphis on a wednesday nite. that place is awesome

Thursday, June 01, 2006

John Hiatt and the Northern Mississippi Allstars