Tuesday, August 09, 2005

dc zoo

thanx to your tax dollars, amtrak gets to stay in business despite horrible service, perennial lateness and no security. i think certain congressmen get misty-eyed about trains - i doubt they ride the trains - after all they have schedules - but they probably saw a movie once that gets them all emotional about trains

waiting for the amtrak from lunchbag to DC... and waiting... and waiting...

annette+ridley - who hurled on the lens?

world famous skater

kids arrive in lynchburg

ridley and bailey in the 1920's

cielle, getting back to her redneck roots with goats, chickens and a shovel which is for ... well, i think we all know what that is for.

mark teachin ridley how to be a real man (later they'll take out the garbage)

logan on mark+annette's deck


arlington national cemetery


Security now prevents easy access to the building where congress meets.

andrea and nicholas (who was an angel) at the DC zoo - which is free. people jog thru it who live nearby. isn't that kool?

princess "bailey the cute" looking at one pig and riding another

in DC

cielle is a big girl

Thursday, August 04, 2005

rock star

she's got it goin on

from left, backup vocs, bass, guitar1, drum, lauren, guitar2, guitar 3. they played 4 songs, the main one i recognized was a def leppard song that i liked in college from the pyromania album

she had it goin on

Every band always has 3 or more guitarists

Lauren leading her band at rock camp at antone's

Monday, August 01, 2005

Stayton Bonner

Me and my poodle is the song of my life....