Monday, July 11, 2005

a friend's bad evening...

I'm against guns in the home.  It's early in the AM. I was dreamily aware of these sirens outside of
the house...thinking, man they are annoying...but i can sleep through it..until dawn comes in with a
screaming baby saying, "please check that noise outside next to the baby's room" i get up to
realize the noise is our house.  The security alarm.  Which I thought I had disabled 4 years ago.  It
turns out the power in the house had been out for  hours and the battery backup was running low to
the alarm, so it, the alarm, was trying to tell us...and the whole neighborhood...that it was running
out of juice.  NOT RUNNING OUT OF POWER FAST ENOUGH for my liking.  So here I am fumbling for the
manual in the dark (no power remember).  Just where would i have put it. and what would be my code to
shut it off?  I check the breaker, it is tripped. Reset it. no use.  I'm barefoot...stub my toe. 
Baby is screaming, cordless phone beeping, UPS beeping, smoke alarms chirping, keypad low power
warning beeping, backup clocks flashing.... Dawn wants me to check for possible fire, smoke, water
damage, or intruder.... i want the noise to stop.  I look around for anything that will stop that
alarm, I found a wire cutter and get this devilish grin on my face as I head to the attic...  did I
tell you I was against guns in the home?
things are better now. power is restored. baby is asleep, all chirping, beeping, sirens are stopped
and I can play freecell again...


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