Saturday, April 23, 2005

momo's new friend, shadow, is ready for action


amanda playing with her hair

this out of focus guy is a hairless mr. bigglesworth kinda cat. cielle and logan and i were at the cat show today. odd place. odd people. odd cats. lots of hairless ones. they must be in or something..... whatever.

bengal cat

a bengal cat at the cat show

cielle loox at cats in cages

logan bought 3 cat teasers, 1 for each cat in his life. cielle's cat at vero's house is matisse. we have comet and rex

cat toys for sale

logan and adam play this yugio card game alot. adam and jay had just brought over the new puppy poodle - shadow

adam and jay and ester fell in love with momo. so they decided to get one too. they had to pay about 3 times for shadow what we paid for momo. we just got lucky. cielle's voice rose about 5 octaves when she first met shadow.

cielle and shadow

so yesterday, we took momo over to adam and jay's for a poodle puppy fest party. momo after all is still a puppy too. the wigglefest begins...

it's a poodle wiggle-fest

lauren is a typical teenager who doesn't want her picture taken. the dog distracted her

cielle watches the dog party with delight

momo's excited. she sniffs and wiggles

shadow moves so fast, it's hard to get a picture of him, but this one (held by lauren) shows him looking exactly like momo. at first i thought this was momo

it's a puppy party

lauren can't resist a poodle puppy

amanda luvs puppies

cielle gets tired of dad taking her pictures

lauren holding shadow, the back of momo's head

lauren, playing w/ shadow while momo tries to get in on the action

Friday, April 22, 2005

amanda and i a couple of years ago

my sisters and their kids about a year ago

Monday, April 18, 2005

a press headshot

Sunday, April 17, 2005

This is Bobby Martin, his wife Barb, my Mom and my Dad. Bobby is Dad's first cousin. Dad's mother, Beaulah Ludwick was the sister of Bobby's mother, Mabel. Mabel married Bobby Martin Sr. (I think).

michele now rides horses w/ cielle and lauren

yay. cake

nate, at his party

dave is welsh. the welsh do this quite well.

dave,nate,jake,kali and lisa at nate's birthday

there are good 18 month old kids and pain in the rear 18 month old kids. don't let anyone tell you different. jake here is one of the good ones. he's strong. he' s trouble. but in a good way.

jake was at nate's party. my dad wanted to name me jake but mom wouldn't let him. he always called me 'jake the snake' when i was growing up. in retrospect he may have been trying to get a nickname to stick. didn't work.

the mother of jake

amanda has great teeth (and it doesn't stop there)

yes in fact i am the luckiest man ever

my lovely wife. isn't she gorgeous?

the beautiful and talented lisa, SO of nate. world's greatest saleswomen and trainer extraordinaire

this is nate. we went to his birthday party last nite. he's a standup guy. we got him booze.

dave's living in sin with this lovely woman

this is dave. when he was single, he ate all of our experimental cuisine. now that he's living in sin, we never see him anymore

Saturday, April 16, 2005

i did this long ago, i want to make a tshirt out of it. maybe it could say journyx on the front and this on the back with some slogans or something

Saturday, April 09, 2005

these pics are all from carol's camera. i don't know what this is a picture of, but i think carol's family may be part of some shrunken head cult worshipping group or soemthing. anyway, it can't be good

phil was sick all week but improved as soon as we arrived. after all, school was out now

feverish and with a broken arm, phillip had missed a whole week of school when we got there

journyx's initial logo from 1997, which mark did for me

logan wearing an old journyx shirt soon after arriving to see the sicko phil in ft worth. logan thinks phil suffers from lackaloganitis and he of course is the cure

cielle trying to ward off her daddy's attack soon after arriving in ft worth