Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This is the other car Logan ran into. All the witnesses said he ran a red light. This car is an SUV of some sort. The lady driving it is an insurance agent. She seemed fine at the scene, and said she needed to leave in the morning at 7am on a plane to LA. Her boyfriend showed up. He's an insurance agent too. They both assured me she was fine. That evening after the accident sometime after 10pm they went to the ER and later claimed she was injured and had various spinal injuries. I think her and her boyfriend understand very well how insurance companies work. My understanding from the insurance people was that they still went to LA on their vacation.

Logan was very upset by all of this.

I probably should have cancelled my business dinner and rescued him when he got lost. Austin traffic on Friday night is no place to learn to navigate and drive alone. Austin traffic is very very bad. I learned to drive on empty country roads. I drive fast. Logan drives slow.


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