Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This is Logan's car. My Dad gave it to him. We drove it down from Virginia with a dead battery by filling up with the car running and never stopping the engine for 2000 miles. It was fun.

Now it is smashed.

To see it big and smashed, click on the picture.

The blue tarp on the ground next to the wheel was covering the car because we'd neglected to put the top up before they towed it. I was a little flustered. Logan was a lot flustered. This tarp was meant to protect the car from potential rain. They wanted to charge me an extra 30$ for that. They could have put the top up for me but instead they decided to charge me 30$. I hate tow truck people. Tow truck people suck.

Suck suck suck. Towing people suck.


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