Monday, April 20, 2009

cornelius barnett finch was my great grandfather who fought in the civil war. here's what my father and cousin have to say about this service...

Dad said: Cornelius Barnette Finch (our grandfather) and another Reb jumped a train to Lynchburg and waited for the forced march to arrive They were given a choice; be shot for desertion or fight the next day. Have you heard this - this way?

I have more time than you. I'll chck it all out.

We Finches have stayed out of military since; except Jerry did the inactive AF reserves.

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From: Steve Finch
Subject: RE: Civil War
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Date: Monday, April 20, 2009, 9:56 AM

Hi Curtis,

My son Travis is studying the Civil War in 4th grade and we just went to visit Appomattox Court House on Friday. I'm 50 and do get the doubters when I tell the story!

I was thinking on Friday that I need to get with you and compare notes from what we know about C.B. and his service in the war. He was in Pickett's brigade, Longfellow's division, right? Shot in the leg (what battle?) and taken to a hospital in Richmond and taken prisoner of war (after returning from the injury? what battle?) to Point Lookout, MD. At Appomattox, the movie in the museum mentions both Pickett and Longfellow being present, so I guess C.B. would have been there had he not been taken prisoner.


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