Monday, April 23, 2007

Gun control would be a mere bandaid on the gushing wound in humanity's soul. Airport gun control worked perfectly on 9-11.

Religion & psychology provide small salve to our broken spirits & hearts - unlike in the physical and mental worlds where science helps us go anywhere, fix anything or learn any known thing.

Our physical and mental abilities are outstripping our soul's wisdom.


Blogger Mark Sisson said...

While both the public and the politicians want to "do something" about these issues, we are lazy and want the quick fix...laws. These problems demand social solutions and take a great deal of time. I use these events as an incentive to get better educated on related issues. For example, I didn't know that the second ammendment is not addressing the right of the individual to bear arms as an individual right, but instead as a part of the necessary formation of militias to keep states free from a tyranical federal government.

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